a monthly social event for local yogis

About The Social Yogi:

Have you found it disheartening when you attend classes and courses, but don’t get a chance before, during or after to socialize with all the cool people around you?  Have you ever felt a desire to meet others of like-mind?  We felt this too, and decided to start the Social Yogi to do something about it.

Our intention is to facilitate and/or host monthly social events for local yogis (students, teachers, and those who are curious) who live in and around Edmonton.

What kinds of events you ask? There will be a range of activities such as community gatherings, contemporary outings, hipsterish events, inspirational activities, simple happenings, urban flavour adventures; as well as more down to earth and into nature-type affairs.  At this time the possibilities are endless.  We are open to your ideas and suggestions!

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